Thursday, January 3, 2013

3rd Jan in TM2499

So, my first full day back in the square. I say full - I had an hour first thing, 30 mins at lunchtime and glanced out the window for the rest of the day whilst working. And now the moth-trap's on. Nothing too spectacular but the list has crept up to at least 64 now. Most of the additions have been the usual birds (including an ever-fine Barn Owl at dawn), but I've also noted:

Plants - Holly, Hazel, Cleavers, Alexanders, Creeping Thistle, Stinging Nettle, Foxglove, Yew, Bulrush, Common Reed, Silver Birch, Broad Buckler-fern, Hard Rush, Daisy, Shepherd's-purse, Herb-Robert, Wood Avens, Groundsel, Cow Parsley

Fungi - Candlesnuff Fungus

Insects - Honey Bee, Pale Brindled Beauty, Winter Moth.

Yesterday's spider was Nuctenea umbratica (pretty confident with this - I'm forever finding this one).

Also, as expected I'm already starting to find specimens piling up. My desk has five more fungi (I hate fungi -  I can never work out how to start!), two snails, a caddisfly, an Agonopterix micro-moth and some Aceria fraxinivora galls that need chopping up. Oh, and I think there's more on my camera. Trying to tell myself not to panic!


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