Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Trent Park - Day 1

My first trip around my square in Trent Park was mostly about walking the bounds and familiarising myself with roughly where the square's borders are within the park. We came up with 44 species after a couple of hours including siskin, goldcrest and coal tit but somehow missed some really common species including the blackbird! I don't know if sheer numbers of dogs are keeping them away or I've become selectively blind to such a common bird. A few species were tantalisingly close but just outside my square. For example there's a nice clump of mistletoe in a tree just south of my square no doubt with some of its associated insect species too. I'm hoping I can find one within my square and low down enough that I can give it a tap with a beating tray under it.

I got a single invertebrate tick with the Common Striped Woodlouse, Philoscia muscorum found under a birch log.

Crap camera-phone-down-microscope view of P. muscorum

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