Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Started at last!

Hooray, home again, and opened the batting with Homo sapiens at 2047 as I crossed into the hallowed land of TM2499. Since then, some quick glances around the garden produced White Dead-nettle, Ash, Ivy and a  self-seeded Horse-chestnut (well, the kids throw some conkers around each year...) Then went for a short leg-stretch and failed to hear any owls, but Alder and Hawthorn were duly ticked at their reliable stake-outs. This is just too easy - only 993 species left to find. I have also found a spider on a tree-trunk, so that's the next job, but the bad news is that the Harlequin Ladybird that was in the downstairs loo before New Year seems to have temporarily done a bunk!



  1. Can we assume most hedgerow hawthorns are C. monogyna? I'm not sure if we have any Midland Hawthorn around here.

  2. And was the Ivy plain old Common Ivy, Atlantic Ivy, Persian Ivy, Algerian Ivy or a cross of any/all the above??? Phew, who's daft idea was all of this anyway....

  3. Tap in "Midland Hawthorn NBN Gateway" on Google, seems pretty darn widespread in lots of places.

  4. I decided to wait for the leaves to come out. It's the same with willows, etc., etc.

    I have put Hedera helix on though! And taken Arion hortensis off (it's an agg. :( )