Friday, January 18, 2013

Square listing from down under

I finally arrived back in Australia yesterday - Brisbane to be precise, and at the end of the arrow on this map to be even more precise. I'm a Brit that's been in Oz for five years, and keen to expand my horizons beyond birds here, having been into plants and moths as well as birds back in the UK. This will be a big challenge for me and I don't expect to hit anything like 1000, but it will have succeeded if I can finally name some of my local plants and insects. My square is dominated by low density suburbia, but also contains extensive school grounds, and comprises part of Whites Hill, a selectively logged remnant Eucalpyt woodland.

After the end of day 2 I'm on 37 species, with White-throated Needletail being the best bird. It's midsummer here, and the subtropical climate means that the wildlife watching is good year-round.

Good luck to all,



  1. Don't go wandering around too much in those extensive school grounds, Rich. Mr Plod won't take kindly to your lame 1000spp excuse, lol.

  2. Brilliant to see you on the blog Rich. I fully expect to add White-throated Needletail by the end of the year (especially with my track record with rare swifts!)