Saturday, January 5, 2013

5th Jan in TM2499 Shotesham

Really enjoying reading everyone else's posts - gives me things to look for! Also reassures me that I'm not the only nutjob on the planet.

Wanted to put some photos on tonight, but just noticed it's getting a bit late, so a short update. Had an hour's walk this afternoon up the lane behind the house, to two small plantations - neither very impressive. However, the score has crept up to at least 91 now, with today's additions being...

Red-legged Partridge - OK, so most of them are released, but I have proved them breeding here between shooting seasons
Hogweed - stems only
Yarrow - leaves only
Euleia heraclei - pretty sure, but would welcome comment. A blotch mine in Alexanders, with a green larva feeding away on the leaf cells. Dispersed frass. Head apparently not chitinous (whatever that means - anyway, it didn't look any different to the rest of the body!) Date doesn't fit with the webpages, but not impossible?
Puccinia smyrnii - Alexanders Rust Fungus, thanks for the tip Mark! Lifer.
Jew's Ear
Emmetia marginea - occupied mine in bramble (micro-moth)
Phytomyza ilicis - occupied mine in holly (fly)
Yellowhammer - flew over
King Alfred's Cakes - blobby hard fungi on ash stump
Rook - somewhat belatedly!

Last night, also caught Acleris notana / ferrugana at the moth trap, but needs gen det. which I'm not really up to, so might have to give this to someone.

Got an ant, a spider, a slug, a snail and yet another fungus awaiting me....


P.S. Tomorrow's job will be to check all the Stinking Hellebore plants around here for mines! Thanks Mark T for the tip.

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