Friday, December 28, 2018

Last update for 2018

Finished the year at Thorne on 1009 species. I am certainly happy with that but hope to do even better next year.

Next year I plan to do the Thorne square again plus a square near Bridport, SY 46 93.

Hopefully a few more people will attempt the challenge and if you are keen on Pan Species Listing really looking hard, at everything, in just one square adds a surprising amount of new species. At Thorne this year 148 of the 1009 species were PSL lifers for example.

Finally good to meet up with all the other challengers earlier this year, and thanks to Andy for hosting the webpage.

Hope you all have a fantastic 2019.


  1. Well done Pete, great stuff. Good luck with your new square. I might be passing by next summer, if so I'll give you a shout.

  2. Thanks Tim and yes let me know if you are in the area next year.

  3. Bravo Pete, you may have doubted yourself but none of the rest of us ever did! Have a great New Year buddy, remember it all starts again when the bells stop chiming...Winter Moth on the wall? Pholcus on the ceiling? Human staggering back from the pub? :D Best of luck, I shall be following with much interest.

    1. Thanks Seth, and will be following both your blogs with interest next year. Looks like quite a challenge you have set yourself.