Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Juniper Shieldbug

Formerly a rare shieldbug on Juniper in southern counties, these are now widespread in Norfolk, having undergone a big range expansion in the past few years, although this one was the first I've seen in the square.

And a few more:

2044 Cheilosia proxima Diptera Syrphidae
2045 Liopterus haemorrhoidalis Coleoptera Dytiscinae
2046 Bembidion fumigatum Coleoptera Carabidae
2047 Psectra diptera RSO Brown Lacewing
2048 Macrolophus rubi Hemipteroids Mirid Bug
2049 Sigara dorsalis Hemipteroids Lesser Water Boatman sp.
2050 Chrysoperla lucasina RSO Lacewing
2051 Eupteryx decemnotata Hemipteroids Cicadellidae
2052 Exorista rustica Diptera Tachinidae
2053 Tipula scripta Diptera Tipulidae
2054 Dicranomyia modesta Diptera Cranefly
2055 Hylemya vagans Diptera Anthomyiidae
2056 Notiphila cinerea Diptera Ephydridae
2057 Mesopsocus immunis Hemipteroids Barkfly
2058 Parasteatoda lunata Arachnids Theridiidae (Achaearanea lunata)
2059 Theridion varians Arachnids Theridiidae
2060 Peripsocus phaeopterus Hemipteroids Barkfly
2061 Sciapus platypterus Diptera Dolichopodidae
2062 Enoplognatha ovata Arachnids Theridiidae
2063 Cyphostethus tristriatus Hemipteroids Juniper Shieldbug

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Dalgety Bay - turning over an old leaf

A moderately productive period given the time of year and amount of effort being put in. Tidying up my study has turned up my 11th tachinid of the year in Voria ruralis - equal to last year's tally. It's been recorded in the county but not by me so another one on the list with a tick beside it. This poor specimen has been languishing on a pin since September! (this isn't as long as the pipunculid I have waiting for me, which against all the odds still has its head)

It was nice also to find a mature male Polydesmus angustus millipede in some leaf litter bothering. It's noted as widespread and common in the county but I haven't knowingly seen it before. Luckily I was able to overcome my aversion to millipedes enough to pot a couple. Not that I'm afraid of millipedes. I just feel like I have a low success rate with IDs and I find them mysteriously frustrating.

I had put my moth gear in the loft because of a planned garage conversion but since it's now not happening until January I might have to retrieve it to have a go at picking up some of the few commonish winter moths

(On reviewing and combining species lists from Dalgety Bay and adding some historic ones I discovered that I had recorded Chestnut moth THREE times this year. I know it's not exactly memorable, but still. Also a double count of Swallow-tailed Moth leaves me actually at 1389)

Polydesmus angustus

Voria ruralis

1383 * fungus Uncinula bicornis A mildew
1384 fungus Melanotus horizontalis A fungus
1385 diptera Phytomyza chaerophylli An agromyzid fly
1386 slime mould Physarum globuliferum A slime mould
1387 * millipede Polydesmus angustus A flat-backed millipede
1388 fungus Panaeolus fimicola A mushroom
1389 fungus Phoma samararum A fungus
1390 coleoptera Quedius fumatus A rove beetle
1391 * diptera Chromatomyia lonicerae An agromyzid fly
1392 * diptera Voria ruralis A tachinid fly

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Over the line

Its taken a couple of weeks to get the last few but now on 1002.
The totals by groups were as follows; Mammals 12, Birds 65, Amphibians 3, Fish 1, Odonata 13, Orthoptera 7, Hemiptera 34, Butterflies 22, Moths 218, Coleoptera 33, Hymenoptera 47, Diptera 54, Insects RSO 4, Molluscs 19, Spiders 19, Crustacea 6, Annelids 5, Plants 303, Bryophytes 24, Fungi 81, Slime moulds 1, and Lichen 31.

Very pleased to have finally got there and will keep adding a few until the end of the year. But mostly now planning to smash this total next year!

Grassland fungi still way down on last year - due to the drought? - so could still add a few there. And this weeks photo is of another sort of fungus.

                                                  Conifer Conecap

Friday, November 16, 2018

Dalgety Bay - forays in the fifth kingdom

A little bit of this and that to add to the tally. Thinking I really should make the effort to get to 1400. It's easy to see where additions are coming from but it might help to find a nice mature collection of grass cuttings somewhere in the square.

Steccherinum ochraceum

1373 fungus Vuilleminia comedens A corticioid fungus
1374 fungus Merismodes anomala A fungus
1375 * fungus Steccherinum ochraceum Ochre Spreading Tooth
1376 fungus Gloeothele lactescens A corticioid fungus
1377 coleoptera Cychrus caraboides A ground beetle
1378 * fungus Mycena tenerrima A mushroom
1379 flowering plant Euphorbia helioscopia Sun spurge
1380 * fungus Erysiphe ranunculi A mildew
1381 * fungus Puccinia deschampsiae A rust fungus
1382 * fungus Erysiphe biocellata A mildew

The garden of earthly delights

Still adding new species pretty regularly, a combination of new species (mainly from the garden) and stuff from the freezer. My garden list for the year has now reached 1606, not bad for an area that is 0.02% of the 1 km square. The best sighting away from the garden has been a couple of Tundra Bean Geese, although I've been slightly disappointed not to get Rough-legged Buzzard in the square so far as there has been up to four in adjacent parts of the Horsey area.

Anyway, here's a list of the new ones:

2002 Limnephilus affinis Caddis Caddis Fly
2003 Cercyon quisquilius Coleoptera Water scavenger beetle
2004 Helina abdominalis Diptera Muscidae
2005 Enochrus bicolor Coleoptera Hydrophilidae
2006 Lygus maritimus Hemipteroids Mirid Bug
2007 Cercyon marinus Coleoptera Water scavenger beetle
2008 Oedothorax apicatus Arachnids Linyphiidae
2009 Xylaria hypoxylon Fungi Candle Snuff Fungus
2010 Stereum hirsutum Fungi Hairy Curtain Crust
2011 Chondrostereum purpureum Fungi Silverleaf Fungus
2012 Athalia lugens Hymenoptera Symphyta
2013 Scathophaga inquinata Diptera Scathophagidae
2014 Peripsocus subfasciatus Hemipteroids Barkfly
2015 Stenopsocus immaculatus Hemipteroids Barkfly
2016 Phytocoris tiliae Hemipteroids Miridae
2017 Deraeocoris lutescens Hemipteroids Mirid Bug
2018 Valenzuela flavidus Hemipteroids Barkfly
2019 Anthomyza collini Diptera Anthomyzidae
2020 Chlorops pumilionis Diptera Chloropidae
2021 Phaonia incana Diptera Muscidae
2022 Poecilocampa populi Lepidoptera:moths December Moth
2023 Ichneumon suspiciosus Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae
2024 Megophthalmus scabripennis Hemipteroids Cicadellidae
2025 Sarcophaga aratrix Diptera Sarcophagidae
2026 Pegomya vanduzeei Diptera Anthomyiidae
2027 Hemerobius lutescens Lacewing Brown Lacewing
2028 Nephrotoma cornicina Diptera Cranefly
2029 Dichochrysa flavifrons Lacewing Lacewing
2030 Mordellistena humeralis Coleoptera Mordellidae
2031 Lygocoris pabulinus Hemipteroids Common Green Capsid
2032 Plagiognathus chrysanthemi Hemipteroids Mirid Bug
2033 Phaonia trimaculata Diptera Muscidae
2034 Buathra laborator/tarsoleuca Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae: Cryptinae
2035 Phaonia valida Diptera Muscidae
2036 Setacera aurata/trina Diptera Ephydridae
2037 Lamproscatella sibilans Diptera Ephydridae
2038 Myospila meditabunda Diptera Muscidae
2039 Anser fabalis Birds Tundra Bean Goose
2040 Tromatobia lineatoria Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae
2041 Erannis defoliaria Lepidoptera:moths Mottled Umber
2042 Udea ferrugalis Lepidoptera:moths Rusty-dot Pearl
2043 Ophion obscuratus Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae

Monday, November 5, 2018

Skye - 1200 and all out

Managed to do the unthinkable last week and broke my laptop, so here I am with a brand new hard-drive and no copy of the spreadsheet I was using to keep tabs of my 1KSQ yearlist. Arse.

Anyway, I was on 1196 species before the crash. Stuff I know I haven't seen thus far in 2018 are

1197 - Clavariadelphus fistulosa - a fungus on Alder branches
1198 - Stigmella microtheriella - larva found within mine on Hazel leaf
1199 - Woodruff - small patch found in wet ravine area, first in the tetrad for 28yrs apparently
1200 - Waxwing - 1 noisily trilling as it flew over the hotel. 

So that's me hanging up my 1KSQ boots for the rest of the season. I don't think I'll try again next year, though that may change once The Listing Fever kicks in again on 1st Jan! 

It's been a blast, folks. Thank you all for the myriad hints and tips and random stuff that you've shared this past year, I've learned absolutely masses. And if anybody wants to come over to NG3963 and show me Hazel Gloves that'd be 'marvellous' coz I sure as hell can't find it, though the habbo is ideal in places.

Tim - 2K, what can I say - you're astonishing!
Ali - gonna be a hard push to hit 1500, reckon you'll make it?
Pete - welcome to the 1K Club buddy! OK, so you have 6 more to get, but you'll do that no worries!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

In other news

Although most eyes of been fixed - and quite rightly so - on Hal and his amazing exploits in Norfolk progress has also been made at Thorne. 10 species added to the list this week (although in fact 6 of them were from correctly updating the sub-totals in to the main total which I had somehow overlooked)
So now on 994 for the year.
And a couple of photos
                                            Oak Bracket

                                            Mottle Umber