After an amazing year doing 1000for1ksq in 2013, I'm not planning to repeat the effort in 2014. However, I know several people are keen on doing so, so I plan to hand the baton on to a new "class of 2014". If you'd like to have a go, trying to find and identify as many species as possible in a 1 km square, then you can. Just do it!

However, if you'd like to add your adventures (and scores) to this blog, please let me know and I can get the blog to send you an automated invite. You can leave a comment at the bottom of this page, or email me at andy at bubo dot org, or tweet @andymus1.

Participants so far include:

Ryan Clark
Duncan Richardson
Tim Hodge
Tristan Reid
Robert Smith
Richard Comont
Marc Taylor


  1. Hi Andy,

    I run a national network for BioBlitz events (24 hours to find and record as much wildlife as possible) with the general aim of getting more people recording wildlife. I am setting up links to citizen science and wildlife recording projects on the BioBlitz website and would love to include and promote 1000 for 1ksq. I'm also very much up for joining the class of 2015 - feel I may be a bit behind for this year.

    Would you be happy for me to use some copy from this website to create a promo page for the project on our site? If you can send me a logo that would be great!

    Thanks Andy and best wishes,