2018: the scores

It's never too late to join in with this craziness, if you'd like to add your adventures (and scores) to this blog, please let me know and I can get the blog to send you an automated invite. You can leave a comment at the bottom of this page, or email me at andy at bubo dot org, or tweet @andymus1.

All time highest tally (and by some margin too) - Andy Musgrove (Norfolk) - 1407 species in 2013.
Rough breakdown of Andy's record during 2013 -
28 Jan - 158 species
28 Feb - 217 species
31 Mar - 261 species
29 Apr - 400 species
26 May - 612 species
30 Jun - 904 species
23 Jul - 1115 species
31 Dec - 1407 species

Rankings - 31st December 2018
1) Tim Hodge (Horsey Corner, Norfolk) - 2184
2) Ali Kartal (Dalgety Bay, Fife) - 1404
3) Seth Gibson (Uig, Isle of Skye) - 1200 to end of Oct.
4) Pete Forrest (Yeovil, Somerset) - 1002
5) Pete Forrest (Eype, Dorset) - 665


  1. 850 species before the end of May and I'm 200 behind :D

  2. Hi Andy, please will you sign me up for 2019. I'll be amazingly pleased if I get to 600 species - Harray, West Mainland, Orkney - badseawatcher at gmail dot com Ta.

    1. Just spotted this- welcome aboard. Sounds like a group trip to Orkney is in order ;)

  3. Hi Alastair - you should have been sent an auto invite just now, let me know if any problems.

  4. I've meant to put up a site map and photos, still battling with some of last year's beetles. A group trip to Orkney? Everyone will be adding some species then... Orkney Vole lives in my garden, not seen one yet this year, Chrysolina latecincta, not in my garden but not too far away, Orca's (if you are very lucky) seen from my garden (10 km from the sea, scoped them). However, currently a very dark place to live, it is getting better now, and there was an aurora the night before last. My blog is at literateherringthisway.blogspot.com but I will get some photos on here shortly, beginning to think 600 species is way too ambitious with my rather limited skills, but we shall see.

  5. That's Orcas not sure where that apostrophe came from...