2017: the scores

Rankings - 31st December 2017

1) Keith Robson (Waldridge, Co Durham) - 1047
2) Ali Kartal (Dalgety Bay, Fife) - 1015
3) Seth Gibson (Uig, Isle of Skye) -1001
4) Paul Bowyer (Sand Point, Somerset) - 888
5) Pete Forrest (Yeovil, Somerset) - 634
6) Christian Owen (Aberbargoed, S.Wales) - 537
7) Calum Urquhart (Penryn, Cornwall) - 303 
8) Mark Whittaker (Kings Wood, Cornwall) - 106 (after a restart)


  1. Hi
    I am thinking of trying to aim for 1000 species in square ST 52 17. This happens to be the square I work at so am obliged to visit it on far more days a year than I would like. Very unlikely to get anywhere near 1000 species but as others have mentioned it will get me to look at things in more detail which is good. How do I update the group? Do I need to join 'Blogger'? (as if I didn't have enough problems trying to be an 'expert' at wildlife ID, my internet/computer skills are rather poor!)

    1. To write blogs on the home page or update the 2017 page, best to contact Andy on Facebook. He'll make you an admin. Then just sign in using an email or google account. Or sign up to blogger

    2. Pete - please send me your email address to andy at bubo dot org (replace the at and dot to make a standard email address)

    3. Callum,
      Thanks for your helpful reply I have contacted Andy directly. I read your blog fairly regularly and your square certainly looks better. I think, based on recording last year, I will be happy to see 500+ (150 plants, 50 birds,100 fungi and 200 other groups mostly insects) but we shall see!

    4. Hi Pete,
      It's great to hear that you read my blog, hopefully it's enjoyable!
      500 would still be quite an achievement! Where is your square?
      My main concern is that I'm not there for July and August, and might not be able to moth trap in the square. 1000 may be too high for me too!

  2. It's very much the south west and Scotland only so far (mid March). Any takers for the rest of the bulk of Britain? :)