Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Dalgety Bay, NT1783, end of June

A serviceable month with 144 additions

Best of the month was 2nd British record of anthomyiid fly Hydrophoria diabata, though not much of a looker

My favourite addition, though partly because it was very recent was sarcophaggid Metopia argyrocephala, which sadly isn't even new to county, though it briefly masqueraded as something marginally more exotic (other Metopias). This really is a looker, though, with its face flashing like a mirror at the right angle.

It's also been nice to finally wrestle a couple of ichneumonid wasps to ground, including this Diplazon laetatorius.

Securely on track for 1k end of October if not before. The other highlight has been one not of finding things but of harvesting data from NBN that has taken Dalgety Bay total list well over 2k (2074) and that ball keeps rolling every day. It's still a rich playground, though it could do with a larger pond if I was being picky.

Latest additions:
599 Schizopora paradoxa Split Porecrust fungus
600 Arctium minus Lesser Burdock flowering plant
601 Circaea lutetiana Enchanter's Nightshade flowering plant
602 Hypericum pulchrum Slender St.John's Wort flowering plant
603 Iris foetidissima Stinking Iris flowering plant
604 Mitopus morio A harvestman harvestman
605 Nemastoma bimaculatum A harvestman harvestman
606 Drapetisca socialis A Linyphiid spider spider
607 Aphrophora alni A froghopper hemiptera
608 Neophilaenus lineatus A Planthopper hemiptera
609 Philaenus spumarius Cuckoo-Spit Insect hemiptera
610 Plagiognathus arbustorum A mirid bug hemiptera
611 Chilocorus renipustulatus Kidney-spot Ladybird coleoptera
612 Gastrophysa viridula Green Dock Beetle coleoptera
613 Metopia argyrocephala A flesh fly diptera
614 Pegomya laticornis A flower fly diptera
615 Rhagio lineola Small Fleck-winged Snipe Fly diptera
616 Xyphosia miliaria A picture-winged fly diptera
617 Celypha lacunana A tortricid moth lep-moth
618 Bombus terrestris Buff-tailed Bumble Bee hymenoptera
619 Bupalus piniaria Bordered White lep-moth

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Dalgety bay NT1783 - 500 passed

Slow start to June. Busy work and rainy weather.

Hydrophoria diabata was a nice find. A few of these are new for Dalgety Bay, but not as many additions as I harvested from NBN. Bay list now stands at 2039, with a more or less up to date list here: link

476 Bolboschoenus maritimus  Sea Club-rush
477 Vicia hirsuta Hairy Tare
478 Sarcophaga carnaria Sarcophagidae
479 Dolerus niger A sawfly
480 Hydrotaea irritans A muscid fly
481 Carex nigra Common Sedge
482 Stenocranus minutus A planthopper
483 Anthocoris nemoralis A plant bug
484 Orthops campestris A mirid bug
485 Glyphipterix simpliciella Cocksfoot Moth
486 Morellia aenescens A muscid fly
487 Dolichopus ungulatus A long-legged fly
488 Elachista canapennella A micro moth
489 Epilobium montanum Broad-leaved Willowherb
490 Phaonia pallida A muscid fly
491 Arion subfuscus A slug
492 Exidia thuretiana White Brain
493 Hydrophoria diabata A flower fly
494 Leymus arenarius Lyme-grass
495 Anthomyia procellaris A flower fly
496 Stachys sylvatica Hedge Woundwort
497 Anthophila fabriciana Nettle Tap Moth
498 Trifolium repens White Clover
499 Dolichovespula sylvestris Tree Wasp
500 Juncus inflexus Hard Rush
501 Poa trivialis Rough meadow-grass

Monday, June 1, 2020

Dalgety Bay, NT1783, end of May

A good finish to the month took me probably beyond what I was really expecting. Nice ones included finally nailing a Speckled Wood that I thought I had glimpsed a couple of times, the Fan-bearing Wood-borer Ptilinus pectinicornis which may be new to county, and a nice 18-spot ladybird which was only previously known in the county from Tentsmuir, which is the kind of place that roving entomologists actually visit in Fife.

Other than that a few commoner species were added to my overall Dalgety Bay list and the list slowly creeps towards 1900. I still fondly imagine that I might take it over 2000 by end of year, though without proper moth trapping I'll be a bit hobbled. I may be able to sneak out and trap some moths though.

Ptilinus pectinicornis

Speckled Wood


List additions
415 Helophilus pendulus A hover fly
416 Hydrotaea dentipes A muscid fly
417 Phaonia rufiventris A muscid fly
418 Lecanora albescens A lichen
419 Lecanora sulphurea A lichen
420 Porpidia tuberculosa A lichen
421 Rhizocarpon geographicum A lichen
422 Rhizocarpon richardii A lichen
423 Frullania dilitata A liverwort
424 Fissidens taxifolius Common Pocket-moss
425 Chamerion angustifolium Rosebay Willowherb
426 Petrobius maritimus Sea Bristletail
427 Rhagonycha fulva Common Red Soldier Beetle
428 Coenosia tigrina A muscid fly
429 Empis tessellata An empid fly
430 Myospila meditabunda A muscid fly
431 Pollenia amentaria A cluster fly
432 Anthus pratensis Meadow Pipit
433 Branta canadensis Canada Goose
434 Loxia curvirostra Common Crossbill
435 Motacilla cinerea Grey Wagtail
436 Metzgeria furcata Forked Veilwort
437 Erigone atra A Linyphiid spider
438 Hypomma bituberculatum A Linyphiid spider
439 Speudotettix subfusculus A leafhopper
440 Cafius xantholoma Strandline Rove Beetle
441 Myrrha octodecimguttata 18-spot Ladybird
442 Fannia canicularis A lesser house fly
443 Thoracichaete zosterae A lesser dung fly
444 Tipula vernalis A crane fly
445 Vespula vulgaris Common Wasp
446 Sturnus vulgaris Starling
447 Eristalis tenax A hoverfly
448 Tephromela atra Black Shields
449 Ceutorhynchus obstrictus A weevil
450 Chrysopa perla A lacewing
451 Morellia simplex A muscid fly
452 Norellisoma spinimanum A scathophagid fly
453 Ornithogalum angustifolium Star-of-Bethlehem
454 Populus tremula Aspen
455 Veronica chamaedrys Germander Speedwell
456 Brachythecium rutabulum Rough-stalked Feather-moss
457 Eriophyes laevis A gall mite on alder
458 Denticollis linearis A Click Beetle
459 Adela reamurella A micro moth
460 Platybunus triangularis A harvestman
461 Cantharis cryptica A Soldier Beetle
462 Puccinia deschampsiae A rust fungus
463 Aegopodium podagraria  Ground Elder
464 Lathyrus pratensis Meadow Vetchling
465 Lecidella asema A lichen
466 Episyrphus balteatus Marmalade Hoverfly
467 Pararge aegeria Speckled Wood
468 Xylota segnis A hover fly
469 Syndemis musculana A tortricid moth
470 Melanomya nana Little Black Blow Fly
471 Eupteryx urticae A bug on nettles
472 Ptilinus pectinicornis Fan-bearing Wood-borer
473 Dryopteris filix-mas Male-fern
474 Calliphora subalpina Woodland Bluebottle
475 Tipula lunata A crane fly