Useful online resources

Use this page to suggest useful ID resources for PSL identification. Feel free to annotate!

[Richard Comont's really useful website! Should have known someone would have done this already:]

Freshwater Shrimps and Isopods



Collembola (Dutch key, not known how comprehensive for UK)






Or better just download the PDF direct:

And the Sphagnum part:


  1. Not sure how useful this dutch key is in a UK context but successfully keyed Tomocerus minor from it just now:

  2. I had started a similar list draft for my own blog but Richard Comont put together an incredibly good list of online resources recently that eclipsed almost everything I'd put together:

    The few bits I'd add to the list at that site are:

    HEMIPTERA - The Auchenorrhyncha recording scheme. Features a key to the families of hoppers plus information on new additions to the British fauna. - A sporadic web publication. Well worth reading. Occasionally has keys to groups currently poorly described by the other standing literature. (For example: Key to species of Nysius in Autumn ’03 edition or key to Anthocoris)

    Tristan Bantock's Hemiptera flickr set:


    Mark Telfer’s site ( is my normal go-to when I’m IDing beetles as it’ll help point out where current keys are a bit broken and what’s been added to the UK fauna since. He’s pretty much re-written entire keys in some cases. Thanks Mark! (listed on Comont's page but doesn't mention the seriously useful checklist of British beetles) – Seems to have solidly ID’d photos but can’t vouch for it entirely.

    Chrysomelidae - a great source of reliably ID'd leaf beetles but a superset of what can be found in the UK. Refer to the British checklist!

    John Walter's (and Mark Telfer's) carabid sheets:

  3. Found good page for tick identification -

  4. Spiders
    Excellent for checking distribution, phenology, habitat - though note how poorly recorded spiders are in general, hopefully everyone in this blog will post at least a common garden spider record from their square to the scheme...

    Useful photo and ID sites