Friday, November 16, 2018

Dalgety Bay - forays in the fifth kingdom

A little bit of this and that to add to the tally. Thinking I really should make the effort to get to 1400. It's easy to see where additions are coming from but it might help to find a nice mature collection of grass cuttings somewhere in the square.

Steccherinum ochraceum

1373 fungus Vuilleminia comedens A corticioid fungus
1374 fungus Merismodes anomala A fungus
1375 * fungus Steccherinum ochraceum Ochre Spreading Tooth
1376 fungus Gloeothele lactescens A corticioid fungus
1377 coleoptera Cychrus caraboides A ground beetle
1378 * fungus Mycena tenerrima A mushroom
1379 flowering plant Euphorbia helioscopia Sun spurge
1380 * fungus Erysiphe ranunculi A mildew
1381 * fungus Puccinia deschampsiae A rust fungus
1382 * fungus Erysiphe biocellata A mildew


  1. You're pretty close to 1407, Ali...

    1. Hahaha - I know it. We'll see how November goes. It's been relatively easy to find some new species in the last day or two after a brief hiatus. If we aren't quorate for next year maybe I should push on through though

  2. Good going Ali, hope you can get to 1408 at least