Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Juniper Shieldbug

Formerly a rare shieldbug on Juniper in southern counties, these are now widespread in Norfolk, having undergone a big range expansion in the past few years, although this one was the first I've seen in the square.

And a few more:

2044 Cheilosia proxima Diptera Syrphidae
2045 Liopterus haemorrhoidalis Coleoptera Dytiscinae
2046 Bembidion fumigatum Coleoptera Carabidae
2047 Psectra diptera RSO Brown Lacewing
2048 Macrolophus rubi Hemipteroids Mirid Bug
2049 Sigara dorsalis Hemipteroids Lesser Water Boatman sp.
2050 Chrysoperla lucasina RSO Lacewing
2051 Eupteryx decemnotata Hemipteroids Cicadellidae
2052 Exorista rustica Diptera Tachinidae
2053 Tipula scripta Diptera Tipulidae
2054 Dicranomyia modesta Diptera Cranefly
2055 Hylemya vagans Diptera Anthomyiidae
2056 Notiphila cinerea Diptera Ephydridae
2057 Mesopsocus immunis Hemipteroids Barkfly
2058 Parasteatoda lunata Arachnids Theridiidae (Achaearanea lunata)
2059 Theridion varians Arachnids Theridiidae
2060 Peripsocus phaeopterus Hemipteroids Barkfly
2061 Sciapus platypterus Diptera Dolichopodidae
2062 Enoplognatha ovata Arachnids Theridiidae
2063 Cyphostethus tristriatus Hemipteroids Juniper Shieldbug


  1. Cor blimey. There isn't much going on here. Are these from the freezer or all current?

    1. Well, the Juniper Shieldbug was today Ali, but all the others were from the freezer. Still lots to go through from stuff collected over the summer, but very little new stuff from the past few weeks.