Monday, November 5, 2018

Skye - 1200 and all out

Managed to do the unthinkable last week and broke my laptop, so here I am with a brand new hard-drive and no copy of the spreadsheet I was using to keep tabs of my 1KSQ yearlist. Arse.

Anyway, I was on 1196 species before the crash. Stuff I know I haven't seen thus far in 2018 are

1197 - Clavariadelphus fistulosa - a fungus on Alder branches
1198 - Stigmella microtheriella - larva found within mine on Hazel leaf
1199 - Woodruff - small patch found in wet ravine area, first in the tetrad for 28yrs apparently
1200 - Waxwing - 1 noisily trilling as it flew over the hotel. 

So that's me hanging up my 1KSQ boots for the rest of the season. I don't think I'll try again next year, though that may change once The Listing Fever kicks in again on 1st Jan! 

It's been a blast, folks. Thank you all for the myriad hints and tips and random stuff that you've shared this past year, I've learned absolutely masses. And if anybody wants to come over to NG3963 and show me Hazel Gloves that'd be 'marvellous' coz I sure as hell can't find it, though the habbo is ideal in places.

Tim - 2K, what can I say - you're astonishing!
Ali - gonna be a hard push to hit 1500, reckon you'll make it?
Pete - welcome to the 1K Club buddy! OK, so you have 6 more to get, but you'll do that no worries!


  1. 20% increase over last year's not bad at all? I've essentially stopped trying other than tooling up for next year. I'll add what comes my way by chance unless I feel the urge. I'm focussing mainly on non square activity over the next couple of months. I think two months break is ideal if you're even contemplating starting over. I think it's a big benefit to do a different square. Not sure I'd do the same one three times in a row either. We should still organise a get-together during 2019 anyway (maybe I need some help with my new square !)

  2. Commiserations about your lap-top, definitely a nightmare scenario.
    Hope the fever does kick in after a couple of months rest.
    And yes it would be good to meet up as a group next year.

  3. Somehow when I woke up this morning I suddenly realised what you had said. I hope it was only your year list, as brutal as that is in itself. Once in a while I upload my spreadsheets to Onedrive, but not half as often as I should probably. Deepest sympathies