Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Cullaloe LNR, Fife - still ticking along

Still ticking along with a few nice things over the weekend. Not sure where it'll end up but I'm not exactly zooming along at the moment. Here's a nice new-for-reserve rust on burnet rose:

1057 R M lep-moth Agapeta hamana Common Yellow Conch
1058 lep-moth Agriphila straminella Straw Grass-veneer
1059 lep-moth Camptogramma bilineata Yellow Shell
1060 R lep-moth Evergestis forficalis Garden Pebble
1061 R M lep-moth Mompha locupletella A micro moth
1062 R lep-moth Tyria jacobaeae Cinnabar
1063 C R M diptera Brachicoma devia A flesh fly
1064 R diptera Hylemya vagans A flower fly
1065 R spider Theridion varians A spider
1066 R M Fungus Phragmidium rosae-pimpinellifoliae A rust
1067 C R M hemiptera Tachycixius pilosus A hopper
1068 hemiptera Evacanthus interruptus A hopper
1069 R spider Araneus diadematus Garden Spider


  1. I think at this time of the year plugging away is all we can do as there is so much happening.

    1. I've opted for going back to my original 2nd site to see how far I can get. Really need to rethink this full time employment malarkey, though