Friday, January 3, 2020

2019 quick summary

Have I got anywhere near 1,000 species, er no. Have I learned a lot over the year, yes. I've got my beetle mojo back and am even prepared to attempt Staphys. Begun to ID Trichoptera with a lot of help but I'm starting to get there. Begun to ID slugs and snails. I've found plenty of new beasts for me, plenty of new beasts for the 1km sq and for my larger "patch" (a 3km area near my home in Orkney).

So what's the total? I still don't know as I battle away with my notebooks and photos getting data in to iRecord (have just completed July 2019). I'm guessing I'm in the 350 - 400 area but that is a guess. I didn't record plants properly during the year, c100 species.

Some totals I do know (ish) - Birds 101, including new species; Long-tailed Duck, White-tailed Eagle, Snow Goose and Jack Snipe, but not incuding Gannet which although qualifying for within my birding patch was a few metres outside the 1km.

 House Sparrow, female

Amphibians - one, Common Frog, not previously recorded here in ten years, three records, including one that I trapped in my trouser leg whilst lying in the grass looking for beetles.

Moths - there's the bulk of the data going in to iRecord, so I'm not sure of the total, but new for the county is Catoptria falsella and there were a good few other species new for the garden.

Having a bit of a disagreement about the ID of this Yponomeuta, anyway, new for the garden in the year, I think it might be rorrella.

Mammals - all present and correct but I failed to see Otter in the 1km. However, a new mammal, Common Pipistrelle, two one October evening seen and "detected" and subsequently recorded by the CR. No bats recorded in the previous ten years despite my regular evening ramblings for moths.
Wood Mouse

Not sure of other totals but a new Ichneumonidae for the county - Zela albiditarsus. A new Hemipteran, but I couldn't get it with certainty to species unfortunately. I think a new beetle or two but I can't be sure until all the data has been checked by the CR. A second record of the hoverfly Xanthus comptus for the county and a second record of the weevil parasitoid Pygostolus sticticus.

 Phyllobius pomaceous

A fair start to 2020 with five Carabid species, three woodlice, two snails, two slugs plus some pending id, Winter Moth and four raptor species amongst a fair selection of birds.

Winter Moth

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