Sunday, January 12, 2014


Since the last post from me I have spotted quite a few more species:

  1. Fallow deer
  2. Wall rue
  3. Wall spleen wort
  4. Sanicle
  5.  Peziza versiculosa(fungi)
  6. Macrotyphula fistulosa(pipe club fungi)
  7. Tramella aurantia(fungi)
  8. Schizopora parradoxa(fungi)
  9. Velvet shank(fungi)
  10. Witches butter(fungi) 
  11. Silver leaf fungus
  12. Common orange lichen
  13. Lace wing(I found it hiding in our spear bedroom)
 I'm now up to 231 which is a bit of an improvement on how many I had last post.

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