Sunday, February 9, 2014

Signs of spring

There are a few signs of spring now with more plants coming into flower and therefore making them more identifiable for a notice like me. I also decided to try find some molluscs and found a few species behind a paving slab. Hopefully next time I am back there will be even more to see.

73. Sweet violet
74. Dandelion
75. Wren
76. Strawberry snail

Strawberry Snail

77.Silver moss
78. Pointed spear moss
79. Brown lipped snail
80. White lipped snail
81. Margined ramshorn
82. Great pond snail
83. Field speedwell
84. Common dog violet
85. Fairy beads - Microlejeunea ulicina
86. Primrose
87. Common rough woodlouse
88. Common striped woodlouse
89. Trichocera saltator

Silver Moss


Identifications of things seen previously this year
90. Anthocoris confusus
91. Chromatomyia primulae (A leaf miner on cowslip)

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