Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Cullaloe, Fife - this and that

A slow February, as predicted, with a lot of winter stuff recorded in January. Inverts are picking up and a couple of traps have been placed to good effect with some water beetles and a few moths starting to trickle in.

The bottle trap for flies is part of a study for Calliphoridae, though I haven't had any yet. So far I've had about 40 Sylvicola fenestralis cinctus and some (what I think are) Dryomyzidae. In any event acalypterate flies which I have no firm ID for (edit: they were Dryomyza flaveola)



Galerucella lineola

Metzneria snuggled up in Knapweed (thanks, Ben Smart!)
One of the benefits of living near Edinburgh, with RBG and the National Museum of Scotland close at hand is being able to call on high quality assistance. This Ichneumon would almost certainly have been given either no name or the wrong name by me (although I did get the other one right - yay!). 500 is the target for Feb, although I have now passed last year's February total of 457. Not that far ahead, really.

Jan Feb
Algae 1 1
Lichens 33 37
Fungi 67 76
Vascular 99 101
Bryophytes 53 54
Mollusc 11 14
Arachnida 23 28
Collembola 6 6
Hemiptera 5 8
Hymenoptera 4 5
Coleoptera 30 40
Diptera 4 8
Lepidoptera 4 8
Invert - Other 12 16
Vert - Birds 48 54
Vert - Other 2 2
Total 402 458