Friday, May 31, 2019

Cullaloe LNR - (almost) end of May report

Well it didn't look like I was going to make it to 850, but happily I did it with a bit of room just as the rain set in. Slightly behind last year's total but that's still OK in terms of my overall year target (I hope!). The reserve is becoming more lush every day and invert numbers continue to increase at a rate considerably faster than I could hope to cope with in terms of identification. The key limiting factors on numbers are definitely time and ability, which I guess is always true.

Happily over the course of the month the reserve total has also crept over 1900 and is already heading towards the magic 2k. Not many people, I'm sure, have ever said they're happy to see the first caddis flies, given what a pain they are when what you want is moths. However, I was determined to make a go of them this year and that's at least started. Not as much as sawflies though. I'm a little bit in love with them right now. Especially the bright green ones. This is (new for county) Rhogogaster punctulata.

The numbers ...

Latest additions 2019 list
840 flowering plant Sparganium erectum Branched Bur-reed
841 R diptera Tipula vernalis A crane fly
842 fungus Triphragmium ulmariae Meadowsweet rust
843 R diptera Erioptera fuscipennis A crane fly
844 flowering plant Sonchus asper Prickly Sow-thistle
845 R gall mite Aceria pseudoplatani Sycamore felt gall
846 R gall mite Aceria macrorhynchus Sycamore gall mite
847 R flowering plant Elymus repens Common Couch Grass
848 R lep-moth Erannis defoliaria Mottled Umber
849 flowering plant Geranium dissectum Cut-leaved Geranium
850 diptera Pipiza noctiluca A hoverfly
851 R lep-moth Epinotia immundana Common Birch Bell
852 R gall mite Phyllocoptes populi Aspen Leaf galler
853 R gall mite Phyllocoptes sorbeus Rowan leaf galler
854 R diptera Heilna impuncta A muscid fly

Additions to the reserve list 2019
Category Count
alga 1
Protist other 0
slime mould 2
lichen 7
fungus 40
liverwort 1
moss 4
flowering plant 8
conifer 0
fern 2
cnidarian 0
mollusc 9
bryozoan 0
annelid 5
flatworm 1
harvestman 0
pseudoscorpion 0
spider 8
gall mite 4
tick 0
millipede 0
centipede 0
crustacean 1
collembola 4
bristletail 0
odonata 0
dermaptera 0
orthoptera 0
hemiptera 12
coleoptera 40
diptera 67
lep-moth 20
lep-butterfly 0
hymenoptera 9
insect-other 5
tunicate 0
echinoderm 0
invert-other 0
fish 0
reptile 0
amphibian 0
bird 0
mammal 1

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