Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Cullaloe LNR - thresholds

Pete's comment got me looking again at so many taxonomic groups that stand on the threshold of landmark totals. The dipteran 200 has been passed and the lepidopteran 300, but that still leaves the moth 300, the arachnid 100, the coleoptera ... let's say 150, the bryophyte 100 and the hymenopteran 50. The overall total on the reserve is closing fast on 2000, with over 200 species already added this year. It will shortly overtake the most recorded SWT site (most recorded site?) in the county which is Dumbarnie Links - a long term project of my friend, Gordon. Sometimes it all goes past so quickly that these landmarks are a blur. I was actually intending to go faster but I still have that nagging feeling that going slower will actually be more rewarding.

On a side note I recently found out that in the first 1ksq two years ago I found the first Scottish site for the broad-nosed weevil Pachyrhynus lethierryi - I had no idea! I even found a second site in the cuonty at a bioblitz. Maybe that's why it didn't occur to me it was of special interest.

I'm on 762 currently. Mostly a roundup of the usual suspects but some nice new ones.

Pachyprotasis rapae - a sawfly

Tibellus maritimus

Reserve totals by class 2019 2019-tgt
Algae 1 3
Vertebrate - Birds 141 142
Vertebrate - Other 25 25
Invertebrate - Lepidoptera 304 325
Invertebrate - Diptera 205 250
Invertebrate - Arachnid 93 95
Invertebrate - Coleoptera 137 200
Invertebrate - Hemiptera 61 70
Invertebrate - Other 134 135
Plants - Vascular 313 315
Plants - Bryophytes 99 100
Fungi 293 300
Slime Moulds 5 5
Lichens 56 60
Total 1867 2025

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