Friday, June 21, 2019

Cullaloe LNR - 1000 - What a difference a day makes

... about 24 little hours, really.

I did wonder whether I was going to make it to beat last year's date, especially before the dipterists forum meeting which starts this weekend. If I didn't do it now it was going to be end of next week. Anyway, in the end a very nice evening walk around the woodland edges produced enough to get over the line without evening doing microscopy when I got home. That would have been good in itself, but there were, in the last 5, 3 species I hadn't seen on the reserve and one which I added as new for the county in last year's square!

I'll have a bit of a break (as if! flies all week next week) and then re-think my targets. I want the reserve list to go over 2000 (about 50 to go) and I have some minor targets on taxon groups. Maybe I'll push through this time for the 1500.

Group Count
Algae 1
Lichens 40
Fungi 116
Vascular 182
Bryophytes 58
Mollusc 22
Arachnida 45
Collembola 8
Hemiptera 29
Hymenoptera 29
Coleoptera 91
Diptera 157
Lepidoptera 103
Invert - Other 38
Vert - Birds 75
Vert - Other 8
Total 1001

Of the 1001 species, there were
* 307 new to the reserve
* 125 new to me
* 12 new to county
* 2 new to Scotland (possibly 3)

Common Figwort


  1. Impressive. Very, very impressive - well done buddy.

    1. Cheers. This time last year it was last gasp before getting up to Skye. I think I won't try to break this again ... before I retire. Tempted to do another round in one of the same squares to see how much difference there is between years. Maybe not next year though. I need to get out more!

  2. Very good going Ali. All that's missing is a first for the UK!

    1. Well, we live in hope! I've probably had at least one and overlooked it, mind you.