Monday, September 2, 2019

Cullaloe LNR end of August -1090

After ignoring the site for a while and doing other things I returned to sweep up some fungi after the recent wet weather. The season is clearly in full swing and four species were added to the reserve list in one hour. Clearly lots of common fungi are still to be added. According to the recently published Fungi of Temperate Europe you should expect 5 times the number of fungi (was it 5...) as there are plants, which means I only have about another 1300 or so to find here. This is the best fungal book I've acquired for a good while and is an absolute steal for the money. It isn't a field guide, though - it's two heavy A4 volumes of great info and photos..

If you're interested in bothering fungi then you can get the aforementioned two vol set at a good price here:

Russula xerampelina

Milking Bonnet - surprisingly new for reserve

Porcelain fungus - also new

Diatrype disciformis and Hypoxylon fragiforme on beech

Cortinarius bolaris - new

Beech Knight - abundant, as you can see

Hare's Ear

Latest additions:
1079 R diptera Platycheirus rosarum A hover fly
1080 odonata Aeshna juncea Common Hawker
1081 flowering plant Succisa pratensis Devil’s-bit Scabious
1082 hemiptera Picromerus bidens Spined Shieldbug
1083 Fungus Tricholoma sciodes Beech Knight
1084 Fungus Russula nobilis Beechwood Sickener
1085 R Fungus Russula xerampelina Crab brittlegill
1086 R Fungus Oudemansiella mucida Porcelain Fungus
1087 Fungus Otidea onotica Hare's Ear
1088 R Fungus Cortinarius bolaris Dappled Webcap
1089 Fungus Diatrype disciformis Beech Barkspot
1090 R Fungus Mycena galopus Milking Bonnet


  1. Yes the fungi season seems to have got off to a good start. And yet another book I need to buy!

  2. Hope it's as good as it looks, coz I've just ordered it off the back of your recommendation ;)