Monday, September 16, 2019

Cullaloe LNR - Fungus Fantasia

So in a busy weekend I managed to sneak out to the woods for an hour and a half - and what an hour and a half! 9 new fungus species for the reserve and 5 of them lifers for me.

First up, before the woods, was this pathside Volvopluteus gloiocephalus

Then into the woods the Oak Milkcap, sometimes called the Oakbug Milkcap, which is an oak mycorrhyzal species which smells of bugs. Its milk is white, only mildly turning yellow-ish on tissue.

There were Amethyst Deceivers

... and plain old Deceivers

There was Hydnum repandum

And Sulphur Knight, Tricholoma sulphureum, in amongst the roadside debris and litter (leaf litter and actual litter).

There was also the rather splendid Thelephora anthocephala

This already recorded Cortinarius bolaris (Dappled Webcap) was very pretty

There were the usual suspects of 1000 Russula nobilis (Beech Sickener) and Lactarius Blennius and Tricholoma sciodes (Beech Knight) and all in all it was a magnificent sight.

On Sunday I managed a lifer spider (Centromerita bicolor) from a grass pile and the little yellow springtail Dicyrtomina minuta 

All in all a productive weekend, with the reserve additions for this year now over 400, and the fungus list over 300

Latest additions to yearlist:

1098 R diptera Calliphora subalpina Wood Bluebottle
1099 R lep-moth Epiblema costipunctata A micro moth
1100 R M Fungus Volvopluteus gloiocephalus Stubble Rosegill
1101 R M Fungus Hydnum repandum Wood Hedgehog
1102 R M Fungus Thelephora anthocephala
1103 R Fungus Tricholoma suplhureum Sulphur Knight
1104 R Fungus Lactarius quietus Oak Milkcap
1105 R Fungus Amanita submembranacea
1106 R M Fungus Cortinarius torvus
1107 R M Fungus Cortinarius elatior
1108 R Fungus Laccaria lacccata The Decevier
1109 Fungus Amanita rubescens
1110 Fungus Cortinarius hinnuleus Earth Webcap
1111 Fungus Lactarius blennius  Beech Milkcap
1112 Fungus Laccaria amethystina Amethyst Deceiver
1113 Fungus Russula atropurpurea
1114 R M spider Centromerita bicolor A linyphiid spider
1115 R collembola Dicyrtomina minuta  A springtail

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  1. Great going with the fungi, but will you get three times as many as your plant list!?