Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back again - four months to go!

This blogging is tricky to keep up with. Once I stop, I find it difficult to get going again. Anyway, part of the the reason for the silence was that we had an ace family holiday to South Africa, where we saw lots of splendid new species, but not within the 1 km square. So that's another story. Once back, it was a bit difficult getting the motivation going again, but I now have the bit between my teeth.

As usual, most of the additions have been in the moth-trap, and in the list below, assume it's a moth unless otherwise stated. Interesting to wonder how many I may have missed by not being around those two weeks. A few obvious gaps that probably won't get filled now include Maple Prominent and Black-tailed Skimmer, whilst I fear the hoverfly Scaeva pyrastri might have passed me by too.

My total has crept up to 1,226 and I don't know how much further I'll be able to take it. I don't have much woodland so I'm not expecting great things of fungi for the autumn, but I guess there'll be a few. I do expect to get quite a lot more leaf-mines though, and there are a number of other obvious gaps on the list that still need filling (Southern Hawker perhaps the most obvious one currently). I should be able to get to 1,300 easily enough, and 1,400 might be possible. Not sure I'd put a lot of money on 1,500 though, that seems TOO big.

Finally, well done to all the other members of the 1,000 club! And well done to the rest of you too of course - keep plugging away, there's four months to go still!

{Late addition - 15th June}
1115 - Tenthredo mesomela - a large sawfly, belatedly identified

23rd July
1116 - Pentatoma rufipes (Forest Bug)
1117 - Batia lunaris
1118 - Acleris forsskaleana
1119 - Carcina quercana
1120 - Platytes alpinella - good one to get inland
1121 - Zeiraphera isertana
1122 - Coenobia rufa (Small Rufous)

24th July
1123 - Hypsopygia costalis (Gold Triangle)
1124 - Cryphia domestica (Marbled Beauty)
1125 - Calamotropha paludella
1126 - Craniophora ligustri (The Coronet)
1127 - Noctua janthe (Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing)
1128 - Nudaria mundana (Muslin Footman) - another good one, my second ever
1129 - Mesoligia furuncula (Cloaked Minor)
1130 - Mompha propinquella
1131 - Blastodacna hellerella
1132 - Lozotaenia forsterana

25th July
1133 - Cydia pomonella
1134 - Eremobia ochroleuca (Dusky Sallow)
1135 - Euthrix potatoria (The Drinker)

26th July
1136 - Vespula germanica (German Wasp)


11th August
1137 - Xestia rhomboidea (Square-spotted Clay) - new for garden, but seems to be having a good year and I had several more also
1138 - Watsonalla binaria (Oak Hook-tip)
1139 - Eupithecia icterata (Tawny Speckled Pug)
1140 - Luperina testacea (Flounced Rustic)
1141 - Xestia sexstrigata (Six-striped Rustic)
1142 - Ipimorpha subtusa (The Olive)
1143 - Helcystogramma rufescens

12th August
1144 - Scotopteryx chenopodiata (Shaded Broad-bar)
1145 - Ennomos alniaria (Canary-shouldered Thorn)
1146 - Hydraecia micacea (Rosy Rustic)
1147 - Cosmia affinis (Lesser-spotted Pinion) - strikingly dark hindwing

13th August
1148 - Agriphila geniculea
1149 - Lymantria monacha (Black Arches)
1150 - Hepialus sylvina (Orange Swift)
1151 - Celaena leucostigma (The Crescent) - new for garden and saw several more too
1152 - Crocallis elinguaria (Scalloped Oak)
1153 - Ennomos fuscantaria (Dusky Thorn)
1154 - Chortodes pygmina (Small Wainscot)

14th August
1155 - Cydia splendana
1156 - Catoptria pinella
1157 - Nomophila noctuella (Rush Veneer)
1158 - Ypsolopha scabrella
1159 - Catocala nupta (Red Underwing) - Red Underwing
1160 - Amphipyra pyramidea (Copper Underwing) - been checking underside of spread hindwing on all copper underwing spp; feature apparently not 100% but pretty good
1161 - Archanara geminipuncta (Twin-spotted Wainscot)

15th August
1162 - Noctua interjecta (Least Yellow Underwing)
1163 - Thalpophila matura (Straw Underwing)
1164 - Agriphila selasella
1165 - Dicranopalpus ramosus - a distinctive harvestman

16th August
1166 - Phylloscopus trochilus (Willow Warbler) - at last, brief burst of subsong from a presumed migrant in the garden

17th August
1167 - Cerapteryx graminis (Antler Moth)

18th August
1168 - Metrioptera roeselii (Roesel's Bush-cricket) - audible (for those with ears that can hear them!) along many roadside verges from now on
1169 - Xestia xanthographa (Square-spot Rustic)
1170 - Pandemis corylana
1171 - Epinotia nisella
1172 - Aethes smeathmanniana
1173 - Colymbetes fuscus - a large water beetle keyed out reasonably easily
1174 - Hydrobius fuscipes - another water beetle

19th-21st August (NOTHING!)

22nd August
1175 - Blastobasis adustella
1176 - Cochylidia implicitana

23rd August
1177 - Hemerobius lutescens - a small brown lacewing
1178 - Noctua comes (Lesser Yellow Underwing)
1179 - Nonagria typhae (Bulrush Wainscot)

24th August
1180 - Phyllonorycter tristrigella - occupied leafmine in elm
1181 - Atriplex littoralis (Grass-leaved Orache) - along roadside, a coastal species occurring inland along salted roads
1182 - Lycopus europaeus (Gypsywort) - along the edge of the stream
1183 - Selenia tetralunaria (Purple Thorn)
1184 - Amphipyra tragopoginis (Mouse Moth)
1185 - Atethmia centrago (Centre-barred Sallow)
1186 - Agrotis ipsilon (Dark Sword-grass) - apart from the Silver Ys in decent numbers, relatively few other migrant moths being seen so nice to get this
1187 - Cataclysta lemnata (Small China-mark)

25th August
1188 - Orgyia antiqua (The Vapourer) - netted by day in the garden
1189 - Araneus diadematus (Garden Spider) - along hedgerows
1190 - Leucoptera laburnella - mines on laburnum (mostly empty but one occupied with larva)
1191 - Aeshna mixta (Migrant Hawker) - first in the garden, subsequently more widespread
1192 - Rumex conglomeratus (Clustered Dock) - on the common, ID on seeds
1193 - Xanthorhoe designata (Flame Carpet) - nice, don't see many of these here
1194 - Cochylimorpha straminea

26th August
1195 - Stigmella plagicolella - occupied mine in blackthorn in our front hedge
1196 - Phyllonorycter leucographella - occupied mine in hawthorn along the road
1197 - Conyza canadensis (Canadian Fleabane) - roadsides
1198 - Sympetrum striolatum (Common Darter) - at last
1199 - Eupeodes latifasciatus - a hoverfly, superficially like Syrphus sp.

27th August
1200 - Phyllonorycter acerifoliella - occupied mine on field maple in garden
1201 - Tachina fera - large fly - fully keyed
1202 - Gortyna flavago (Frosted Orange)
1203 - Archanara sparganii (Webb's Wainscot) - a good one, although I do see them most years here

28th August
1204 - Mormo maura (Old Lady) - Old Lady
1205 - Tholera decimalis (Feathered Gothic) - Feathered Gothic
1206 - Plusia festucae (Gold Spot) - Gold Spot

29th August - nothing

30th August
1207 - Aricia agestis (Brown Argus) - netted off the common, pleased to see as I thought I'd missed my chance
1208 - Conocephalus dorsalis (Short-winged Conehead) - adult male identified confidentally; also nymphs of possible Long-winged too, so still to play for…
1209 - Philaenus spumarius (Common Froghopper) - had seen cuckoo spit with nymphs earlier in year but wasn't sure if that was good enough
1210 - Paraswammerdamia albicapitella
1211 - Micromus variegatus - a lacewing
1212 - Amphipyra berbera (Svensson's Copper Underwing) - at last, one with underwing pattern spot on (and clearly different to the many Copper Underwings I'd checked recently)

31st August
1213 - Antispila treitschkiella - occupied mines in dogwood - a good record, not many other records in Norfolk
1214 - Atriplex prostrata (Spear-leaved Orache) - roadside verge
1215 - Argyresthia goedartella - 2 netted by day in alder wood
1216 - Mentha spicata (Spear Mint) - looks (and smells!) OK - Norfolk Flora backs up that this is far more likely that the various hybrids?
1217 - Araneus quadratus - big spider
1218 - Cicadella viridis - a green leafhopper
1219 - Mellinus arvensis - a solitary wasp, surprisingly easy to key and a known late-season species
1220 - Lyonetia clerkella - occupied leafmine in cherry in back garden
1221 - Atriplex patula (Common Orache) - along roadside with Grass-leaved Orache for comparison

1st September
1222 - Sargus flavipes (Yellow-legged Centurion) - another soliderfly, this one on the front door when I got up
1223 - Conocephalus fuscus (Long-winged Conehead) - adult female confirmed, following male Short-winged a few days back
1224 - Succisa pratensis (Devil's-bit Scabious) - on the common, always a late flowerer
1225 - Dasysyrphus albostriatus - yet another hoverfly, netted off the common
1226 - Neophilaenus lineatus - another froghopper netted off the common

Cochylimorpha straminea - not seen this very often before

Feathered Gothic

Leucoptera laburnella - micro-moth leaf-mine in laburnum

Tachina fera

Microchrysa flavicornis - a common but small shiny soldierfly

Antispila treitschkiella - leafmine in dogwood.

Araneus quadratus

Stigmella plagicolella - leafmine in blackthorn

Not in TM2499


  1. What a big variety. Imagine if you had found that last one in your trap! From Findlay

  2. Hi Findlay. I do get two types of elephant in the trap - Elephant Hawk-moth and Small Elephant Hawk-moth. I think Loxodonta would probably struggle to fit in! Cheers, Andy.

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