Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dipping my toes back in - SP5595ish

I have to be honest, once the big 1000 came along right at the start of August my 1k square interest really dwindled with increasing reliance on the garden trap. It seems like an age since I last actually took a walk around the square with any intent, as I've had a couple of busy months at work (which is only likely to carry on through the next few weeks) and work trips abroad. So, square bashing is definitely not top of my priority list at the moment but yesterday I did manage to create the time and enthusiasm to head out for a couple of hours. I was mainly looking for fungi and leaf-mines, and I did manage to find and add a few to the list (which I still need to update), though nothing earth shattering. It was good to be out again though, and there are a couple of areas that may come good for some better fungal surprises that I didn't get to yesterday so I will have to get back out.

Here's a couple of Shaggy Inkcaps that I found - should be clear which one is oldest ......

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