Friday, August 25, 2017

Dalgety Bay - Cracking Bolete, Grommit!

I had seen boletes in a bad state of repair on the way to my son's school before but finally got hold of one in good enough shape to identify (no doubt correction will follow now!) as the Red Cracking Bolete, Xerocomellus chrysenteron

So this lovely fungus will become the official 900th species, no matter what happens to the list after I put it through a heavily critical review.

The rest of the recent additions, which could be read about on my own blog ...
891 Stercorarius skua Great Skua
892 Gavia stellata Red-throated Diver
893 Syritta pipiens A hoverfly
894 Anthomyia pluvialis An anthomyid fly
895 Eristalis nemorum A hoverfly
896 Alchemilla mollis Garden Lady's-mantle
897 Apis mellifera Honey Bee
898 Crossocerus annulipes A digger wasp
899 Corvus frugilegus Rook
900 Xerocomellus chrysenteron Cracking Bolete


  1. Well done, sir! Even if you did only just scrape Honeybee and Rook into the totals ;) Actually, better check I have Honeybee listed... When are you hoping to hit 1000?

    1. Thanks. I'm shooting for before end September, which will take about 2.8 spp./day. Given the firing up of fungus and bird migration season and the flowering of ivy all at once I feel pretty optimistic. It's a bit weird being able to see the finishing line to be honest. I'll need about 1100 to still be > 1000 when all the rubbish comes off mind you ...

    2. Good stuff, I'm working through my collection and will be right behind you pretty soon. Especially if I see Honeybee sometime soon! Ivy is rare here, just one large clump in the woods and the overhang is too steep for me to reach it!

    3. The distribution of honeybee in Scotland per Falk looks pretty patchy. I didn't look at whether Skye had been coloured in or not

  2. Ooh blimey 900. Well done Ali. Fungi expert eh! They all look the same to me. I've only added two lately and they were from the freezer collected on 11th. Must get back down there.

    1. Compared to a friend of mine who (literally) wrote the book on boletes I'd be very hesitant to describe myself as more than a beginner. Well, I might accept intermediate! September's the time to go for it for sure