Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Sand Point VC6

For once it was nice weather on the Bank Holiday so I thought I'd spend a couple of hours on the patch. Despite sharing the site with many grockles I still managed to collect some potentially interesting stuff. Everyone who asks thinks I'm collecting butterflies when they see the net, they've never heard of a dipterist (not sure I could get a butterfly in the pooter). Anyway the results are from a previous visit plus an overlooked springtail which were hopping about on the edge of the saltmarsh. It turned out to be Anurida maritima a common marine springtail around all our coasts. Looking back I can see that Seth recorded it in March on Skye.

830. Meromyza pratorum
831. Adia cinerella
832. Melanostoma mellinum
833. Pollenia pediculata
834. Dicranomyia chorea
835. Fannia fuscula
836. Medetera truncorum
837. Anurida maritima

Anurida maritima with inset showing vesicles in PAO


  1. I have the Anurida too. Awesome pic. Yeah, I've had people thinking I'm catching butterflies too. And with a scope on a tripod i always get "lovely weather for photos!" :D

    1. Haha, yes I've had that too with the telescope. One even even started brushing their hair as they thought they were going to be on telly.