Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Dalgety Bay - Down with the sickness

My Picasa has come down with the sickness. It's decided to stop showing me photos, including editing them. This is a source of some considerable annoyance since I use it every day to process 100s of photos. Sigh. Anyway, I'll have to make do with unedited photos until I can get something sorted out. This is a Potato Capsid

Potted potato pest

The brief moment I had it right before I got it wrong

I initially identified it correctly then misidentified it subsequently somehow then had that corrected by Maria Justamond via iRecord. Thank goodness for vigilant verifiers!

And my third Sarco, which I'm well happy about, processed before Picasa came down with the sickness. Or it could be anything really. I'll wait until a grown up comes along and tells me what it really is!

The good news is I crossed the 850 threshold ahead of schedule and have my eyes firmly fixed on reaching the final tenth. Exciting times indeed. Actually I haven't mentioned it much, but Fallopia convolvulus was my 200th lifer of the list. Have to be pleased with that!

848 Sarcophaga vagans A Flesh Fly
849 Campyloneura virgula A mirid bug
850 Fallopia convolvulus Black-bindweed
851 Eristalis pertinax A hoverfly
852 Closterotomus norwegicus Potato Capsid
853 Paroligolophus agrestis A harvestman


  1. As no one has commented on your last couple of updates (what's happened to Seth?!) I thought I would to say glad you are still updating and must try looking for the potato capsid which looks distinctive and there are lots of foodplant for it in my square.
    I havn't total my lifers from the square but like you it has produced a good number so far this year.

    1. Thanks, Pete. Because I keep it all on a spreadsheet it's easy for me to just put an "x" beside them and let excel do the work. I think potato capsid is even more common because it has a whole range of food plants. There are a few green capsids but two black dots seem to be an easy marker. Seth is still out there bothering the living world! he updates his own blog a bit more often than here, and you can see from the "scores" tab he's still updating that. probably trying to sneak up his totals without alerting anyone ;p

  2. Hi Ali, glad to see you're still plugging away. I've not been to my patch since my moth trapping episode back in June or whenever it was so nothing to update from me. Well done with the Sarcophagid. I had a new one in the garden this week using a water trap, S.haemorrhoa. Very effective just bought a yellow frisby from Tesco and filled it with water and a squirt of washing up liquid. Keep up the good work.

    1. No way! I was expecting you were waiting to post your 900. Yellow frisby is genius - I've been searching high and low for yellow melamine camping plates.

  3. Oh! Hello! I remember this site ;) Paul, what happened???? You gonna play it cool and rejoin in October, just to show us all up? You'd just about reached the 1000 this time in 2013 (!)

    Been busy with evening shifts here, plus not been out as much as I'd like. But I am working through a backlog of flies. Hey Ali, I just overtook you haha :P

    1. Appearances can be deceptive ;) Didn't want to turn it into my blog! I have some blank days coming up though so you'll defintely be ahead by the time I get back on it. Shouldn't you be going to look for coneheaded dragons or something?

  4. Hi Seth, No real excuse really just haven't made time. I did have a kick around for a couple of hours this morning so will be able to add a few more to the tally.