Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Dalgety Bay - Myco Mayhem!

Faced with an evening of microscopy and a wet lunchtime what should one do? Ordinarily I would have worked a small backlog of flies but since I worked three inverts last night and only got repeats I decided instead to poke around in the woods. Keying fungi can require patience but since I was home alone with the manchild I thought I'd have lots of time after he was off to bed. Still there was some easy pickings to be had. The post bedtime headbanging produced only one redetermination and one solid ID, although to be fair it was mixed in with work on some off-topic material from the weekend.

Xerocom(ell)us sp. with Pinus

Box set

Common Rustgill

Deer Shield (not new)

Gymnopus peronatus - Wood Woollyfoot (not new)

Melanoleuca sp.

Gymnopus erythropus

Russula sanguinaria

922 Gymnopus erythropus Red-legged Toughshank
923 Gymnopilus penetrans Common Rustgill
924 Melanoleuca melaleuca Bald Knight
925 Russula sanguinaria Bloody Brittlegill

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