Friday, September 1, 2017

Yeovil end of August update

Finished the month on 564. This was quite pleasing really as, at the beginning of the year I had estimated, that - given my knowledge of the habitats and access in the square, my knowledge of which groups I can identify, literature available and the biological recording equipment I posses - 560 would be a reasonable expectation of what I might record in the year. Cleary hope to press on to above 600. And perhaps 700 if I can start confidentially identifying a higher percentage of all the fungi I am seeing. To this end I have recently joined the Dorset Fungi Group and on the first excursion of the year one of the main identifiers of the group made the mistake (!) of giving me his email address and saying 'sure I will be happy to confirm any identifications of photos of fungi that you send'

Anyway enough about my month of recording, the burning national question of the moment is who is going to get to 1000 first this year?!



  1. So when have you arranged for the Dorset Fungus Group to blitz your square? Cunning, very cunning indeed :) First to 1000? Scotland vs England. Place your bets, gentlemen...

  2. Congrats on reaching your target, Pete. You're bound to way overshoot it. Went to a great foray yesterday, but sadly to the detriment of my square total!