Friday, December 1, 2017

Dalgety Bay, Fife - the smallest update

Went vismigging for Waxwings. No Waxwings. Did get a Buzzard finally though!

Had a quick think to see if I could come up with 10 bird species that are still possible. It was shockingly easy!

Long-tailed Duck winter visitor small numbers
Little Auk easterlies
GN Diver winter visitor small numbers
Waxwing winter visitor small numbers
Crossbill passage migrant
Peregrine Falcon resident wader hunter
Reed Bunting late year passage migrant small numbers
Treecreeper had in adjacent square
Slav Grebe winter visitor small numbers
Barnacle Goose occasional

01/12/2017 1014 Buteo buteo Common Buzzard


  1. Usually at least one GND in the bay here this time of year, often 2 or 3. Treecreeper is a dead cert in my square. Had a Waxwing at the start of the year, perched in the tree outside my window for a while. Had just a couple of Peregrine fly overs, I expected them more often considering the habbo here and number of ducks/Rock Doves. As for Buzzard...daily everywhere! :D Mind you, I still need 26 more species myself, so I best shut up and grab a moss or something.

  2. Had Waxwing last December. Of course...