Sunday, December 24, 2017

Skye - Slimy Velvet

There's a whole week left of the year, so I'm just going to keep on and see how far I get. I'm working throughout, even on xmas day itself but will have my usual couple of random days off before the year is up. 

These stunners have suddenly started appearing on logs and fallen branches, seems quite incongruous after seeing nothing but micro-fungi, candlesnuff, crusts and the odd bit of Yellow Brain for the past few weeks. Then BANG these big beauties appear, seemingly out of nowhere and in late December too!

Flammulina velutipes - Velvet Shank
I didn't have a clue as to what they were (not very good with macro fungi...) but I had help from a reader of my blog who named them for me. Turns out they're common up here, common everywhere really, I just haven't noticed them before.

So, that's 1001 for the Challenge with hopefully a few more to come too.

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  1. You did it and surprisingly you’re going to do it again. Brave man. Me, I’m going to be a coast lister in 2018. Will struggle and need help on lots of salty things but it should help my overall pan list if nothing else.
    Good luck to all 1000for1ksqers in 2018