Monday, July 23, 2018

Heat is taking its toll...

It's been a funny old year, with bitter cold in late February/early March, a late and wet spring but since then it's been largely dry and increasingly hot, such that everything round here (and in much of southern England) has turned brown. It's heading towards 30° today, which may not sound that hot, but we usually get cooling sea breezes here, so it's hot for us! I get the impression that insect activity has reduced recently, but certainly my activity has decreased, so not a huge amount of new stuff.

A Hobby has just charged through the garden chasing hirundines, hymenoptera have just reached 100 species for the year and one or two nice flies have been seen. Moths have been doing reasonably well, up to 370 species for the year, but migrants have been thin on the ground.

Stratiomys singularior ♀ (Flecked General soldierfly)

Achanthiptera rohrelliformis ♀

Nomada fucata


  1. I just can't get enthused about bugs. There's one or two I think look pretty cool but somehow I've managed to accumulate about 60-odd of them despite this. Maybe if I lived in a more southerly locale.

  2. Is that a general comment, Ali, as I don't think bugs (as in hemiptera) are mentioned in the post. But if you are referring to hemiptera I know what you mean. Some of them seem more effort than they're worth.

    1. I misread hymenoptera :D Sorry for the confusion! I do love a nice Hobby, though