Saturday, July 14, 2018

Skye - 1K falls

Very brief pre-work update...I DID IT!!!!! :) :) 

Light trap provided the goods with NFY species these past few sessions being Oblique Carpet, Lempke's Gold Spot, The Snout, Common Wainscot, Grey Arches and Double Lobed. Also Rush Veneer and Dark Arches in the bathroom on consecutive mornings and a huge patch of Lesser Knotweed that I've been walking past on an almost daily basis - looks quite striking now it's in flower!

And the round numbered one was....

Common Wainscot :) 

All of which puts me on 1002 species. I shall have to show some extraordinary effort over the next eight weeks or so if I'm to keep abreast of Andy's surge forward in his 2013 record setting year. As for keeping up with Tim...pfffft! :)

Edit - just dropped back down to 1000 species from this morning's 1002. My Gold Spot was another Lempke's and my Plain Golden Y wasn't quite plain enough, just a heavily abraded BGY. Grrrrrr..... Of course, I've buckets of stuff awaiting ID but they don't count. Yet. 

Double Edit - I  forgot to add last week's Aethes smeathmanniana into the tally, so I'm back up to 1001 species! 


  1. Very good going - and considering you got 1001 all last year - way ahead of schedule.
    Hope you can push on to the next target.

    1. Cheers Pete! Initially I said that I was hoping for 1350, which means I'm very almost 75% there. Then somebody suggested I go that bit further and challenge Andy's record of 1407 which means I'm only 71% of the way there...gulp! Then again, maybe I should try keeping up with Tim - in which case I'll be lucky to make it even 60% of the way :P

  2. Well done Seth, great going. Am thoroughly confused about which target, if any, you now have!

  3. Congrats! I've been away for a week but it was inevitable you'd pass it while I was. 1407 ought to be doable still. Whether I can make it will depend almost entirely on inclination I suspect