Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Total so far, steady progress maybe.

Old Nisthouse, Harray, Orkney patch.

Textrix denticulata

The spider above and recently Otiorhynchus sulcatus, Vine Weevil have been located in the house. The beetle total is around 15 I think (I need to do a proper count up). I've been learning molluscs, attempting annelids, remembering myriapods and to this point largely ignoring plants although the first Primroses and Marsh Marigolds have been in flower this week.

Pied Wagtails, which are mostly a summer visitor here, brought the birds total to 55 (including Water Rail, 2nd record in 9 years) but despite a few attempts with the light traps which did bring in Helophorus grandis and Trichocera regalationis my Lepidopteran total stands at one, a Large Yellow Underwing cat.  

Mammals are on six including Orkney Vole, Wood Mouse and House Mouse (another species observed indoors) but I dipped Hedgehog which Louise and the dog found whilst I was at work.

I think the total is about 140, I'll try and sort out a proper list for next month.


  1. That would be a good mammal total for the year for me. Mostly I get tracks and signs and the occasional corpse! Nice pics

  2. Look forward to seeing the totals in due course. Nice selection of photos.

  3. Thanks, will try to post again soon, light trap has brought in three moth species and a spider, working away at beetles, still failed to get hedgehog or otter in the Km sq although seen a fair few of each. Distracted by poo beetles out of the square. Still not really getting going with plants.