Saturday, August 17, 2013

Made it - 1001!

After the last post I did make it past 900 by the end of July, with busy moth traps making a big contribution plus a surprising number of new plants and bits and bobs such as eventual Slow-worm, and (desperation?) a few rusts and the like. The list stood at 923 at the start of August but progress then slowed to what seemed like a snail's pace. I was away quite a bit with work, the heatwave and high-summer peaks of insects seemed to be over.

Moths continued to be better than in recent years, though, with the garden's first Sharp-angled Peacock and more migrants too - up to 20 Silver Y at the lavender in the front garden and a couple of Dark Sword-grass in the trap. Several Clouded Yellows were seen locally last weekend while we were away, so I might still be able to add that (and hopefully Painted Lady to the butterfly tally).  

Plants included some splendid alien grasses Digitaria sanguinalis and Polypogon viridis (the latter seems to be increasing greatly round the Bristol area). I finally found Rosebay Willowherb without having to scope the railway embankment (I don't think it's there anyway)  - as a weed in a planter outside the pub (quality!).  

                                                             Brachmia blandella

 The 1000th species for the Pilning square finally fell this afternoon after yet another search of the cycle path and its associated hedges, ditch and grass verges, the mighty Nut Bud Moth (Epinotia tenerana) taking the honour. Sorry about the dreadful pic but it flew off when I tried to get it to pose on a leaf (I find tortix moths are somewhat disobedient and in fact can't be taught tricks). 

I agree with Mark - it's been a blast, thanks Andy! I have become particularly fond of hoverflies and bugs (did I mention that before?). I will also now be spending more time attempting to find a half decent bird (i.e. outside the square, let's be realistic here) while making regular but less frequent visits to the square itself mainly when recruited to pick produce on the allotment. This is the best bit of habo in the patch (the drawback being its regular use by a seemingly huge dog).


  1. Excellent stuff John, and that is a top-drawer joke!

  2. I had to re-read 3 times to find the joke, but now I have located it, I agree! Well done indeed John, welcome to the ever-swelling 1000+ throng