Monday, August 5, 2013

Sand Point = 1000for1ksq

Just squeezed in the 1000th species before my hols. I must give thanks to the Clevedon moth team for notching up an incredible 211 moths on my patch back on 26th July. I had a boost of 45 ticks that night instead of the 5-6 I was expecting. I guess 9 traps are far better than 1.
Today's highlights came from finding Common Fleabane, Hedge Bedstraw, Wild Parsnip, Rhingia rostrata and Tree Wasp. The Wild Parsnip I've been walking past for weeks before realising what it was. The Rhingia rostrata was a welcome addition after checking so many campestris earlier in the year.
I must also give thanks to Andy Musgrove for creating this challenge as it was just the incentive I needed to start learning about the local flora which I have been too lazy to do up until now. I'll never look at my patch the same way again after this challenge.
Some of the totals:
Moths = 355
Birds = 118
Flora = 166
Hoverflies = 31
Hemiptera = 26

Hoary Footman
Tree Wasp
White Satin Moth
Necrodes littoralis

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