Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sand Point VC6

A sea watch yesterday got me my first patch Balearic Shearwater but it was a mile out to sea so couldn't have it for the 1kmsq but today a juvenile Sabine's Gull drifted right into the square after spending 10mins on the tideline just outside the recording area. The flies are from my visit on 28th Aug which includes a very impressive hymenoptera Heteroplema amictum. Really ought to start pulling my socks up now, getting left behind.
838. Orygma luctuosum
839. Coenosia testacea
840. Thoracochaeta zostera
841. Lispe caesia
842. Pherbellia cinerella
843. Minettia rivosa
844. Delia echinata
845. Heteropelma amictum
846. Sabine's Gull
847. Black-tailed Godwit
848. Autumn Ladies Tresses

Sabine's Gull

Heteropelma amictum


  1. Stonking wasp! And the Sabs, well always good. Couldn't rule it out here. First Turnstones back today and first passage Linnets. No new birds but definitely picking up

  2. Are you going to make it to 200 flies?

    1. 19 to go. Should be possible but I'm not making it easy for myself!!

  3. Great wasp! Saw it commonly on Scillies last summer. Great hit with the Sab's too.

  4. Thanks Seth. Interesting about Scillies, I wondered if it might reasonably common as quite a few photos online.