Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Dalgety Bay - Feb target reached (450)

A good weekend allowed me to stretch out to 450 a couple of days early. Saturday's sunshine brought out a few flies after an early leaf litter sieving session, Sunday brought a fungal outing which racked up some nice fungal wins, and a brief walk yesterday revealed a small area of Willow Carr well hidden from the paths which produced 5 spp. in as many minutes.

First hover in the wintry sunshine - E.tenax

Kermit Shore fly Parydra quadripunctata

Tenuiphantes tenuis

Amaurobius fenestralis

I'll stick up a link to the fungi later, because I'll blog them elsewhere, but the willow carr (which I spotted with binoculars!) I knew would have epiphytic mosses. It didn't disappoint.

Orthotrichum pulchellum

Orthotrichum pulchellum

Ulota phyllantha

Ulota phyllantha

And, of course, the numbers ...
422 centipede Lithobius microps A centipede
423 coleoptera Paranchus albipes A ground beetle
424 diptera Eristalis tenax A hoverfly
425 * diptera Parydra quadripunctata A shore fly
426 harvestman Nelima gothica A harvestman
427 hymenoptera Lasius niger Small Black Ant
428 millipede Craspedosoma rawlinsii A millipede
429 spider Tenuiphantes tenuis A Linyphiid spider
430 flowering plant Deschampsia cespitosa Tufted Hair-grass
431 flowering plant Silene dioica Red Campion
432 flowering plant Stellaria media Common Chickweed
433 * fungus Brevicellicium olivascens A corticioid fungus
434 fungus Eichleriella deglubens Blushing Crust
435 * fungus Globulicium hiemale A corticioid fungus
436 fungus Hyphodontia alutaria A corticioid fungus
437 fungus Mollisia cinerea Common Grey Disco
438 fungus Resinicium bicolor Hallowed Crust
439 fungus Sistotrema brinkmannii A corticioid fungus
440 fungus Sistotrema octosporum A corticioid fungus
441 * fungus Stypella grilletii A corticioid fungus
442 moss Syntrichium ruralis A moss
443 spider Amaurobius fenestralis A spider
444 * collembola Onychiurus ambulans A springtail
445 flowering plant Cirsium palustre Marsh thistle
446 hemiptera Drymus brunneus A ground bug
447 moss Hypnum andoi Mamillate Plait-moss
448 moss Orthotrichum pulchellum Elegant Bristle-moss
449 moss Thuidium tamariscinum Common Tamarisk-moss
450 moss Ulota phyllantha Frizzled Pincushion


  1. Fantastic!!! I'm just back into Scotland now, though won't hit Skye until tomorrow. Looks as though I have a fair bit of chasing ahead of me. Cracking tally for end of Feb, buddy, truly is!

  2. All these fungi and bryophytes Ali, great stuff - I'm afraid I haven't got into them so will have some large holes in my list. I'm still doing well on the beetle, diptera and spider front (71, 41 and 33 species respectively, all but one of these species from my garden), so my total is now 375 species, but snow and frost here now and for the next few days, so won't be getting much more until it turns milder.