Friday, February 2, 2018

Dalgety Bay - January roundup

So largely thanks to Seth's prompting and pace-setting I finished January on what I would have considered a near-miraculous 341. Now I know with more time it could have been maybe 400. I barely touched the lichens. Fungi have been very kind, providing a large block of the month's 23 lifers. Bryophytes have been a relief after a year working a somewhat dry square with little fresh water.

I usually think of February as a slow month because you've visited a lot of the "permanent" stuff and the spring hasn't got up and running properly. But you never know. I have a lot of seashore untouched and I bet there are easily another 50 fungi I haven't found. Is 500 possible? I'll be more than happy with 450. Last year I wasn't at 500 until April.

'Tis the feast of St.Bridget today so I guess I should go to the ruined church of St.Bridget's. Sunny, too, so maybe the fly tally can get a wee boost. You never know. Maybe even a bee.

Happy hunting, everybody.

Algae 6
Lichens 27
Fungi 60
Plants - Vascular 65
Plants - Bryo 46
Mollusc 12
Arachnida 7
Collembola 5
Hemiptera 4
Hymenoptera 3
Coleoptera 8
Diptera 15
Lepidoptera 4
Invert - Other 22
Vert - Birds 54
Vert - Other 3

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