Thursday, February 1, 2018

Yeovil; End of January update

A slower, more sedate, start to the year than the rest of you ended with 160 species recorded for January in the Yeovil square.
Mammals 5, birds 37, moths 3, hemiptera 2, coleoptera 2, diptera 1, hymenoptera 3 crustacea 2, higher plants 54, fungi 14, lichens 25 and bryrophytes 12.


  1. slower, more sedate, and probably less idiotic!

  2. It's a 12 month journey not a 100 metre sprint, Pete. As Ali says, you've made a less idiotic start. That's all, nothing more or less. Plus you're splitting your time between two squares, something none of the rest of us are brave enough to even attempt! Good start to the year so far, Pete. Seems we're all ahead of where we were by this time last year.

  3. Interesting to see how we're good at some groups and not others. My month end total of 247 (of which 230 were in my garden) comprises:

    Fungi/Lichens 4
    Bryophytes 3
    Vascular Plants 45
    Molluscs 2
    Arachnids 26
    Myriapods 2
    Crustaceans 2
    Springtails 3
    Insects: Hemipteroids 18
    Insects: Coleoptera 43
    Insects: Diptera 26
    Insects: Moths 4
    Insects: RSO 2
    Birds 63
    Mammals 4

    Grand Total 247

    Not many fungi, bryophytes or lichens in my list, mainly because I'm rubbish at them!

  4. Totally agree with Seth that it's a marathon, not a sprint, a risk of burn-out if you go too hard at first. I'm calmly waiting for a warm spring and summer and hordes of diptera, hymenoptera, hemiptera and lepidoptera amongst the beetles!

    1. Whereas I'm calmly waiting for a day that I don't get hailed, snowed or sleeted on... :)