Saturday, August 4, 2018

800 up at Thorne

Still making much better progress than last year at Thorne. Now on 812 species made up from the following groups;
Mammals 11, birds 53, amphibians 3, fish 1, odonata 13, orthoptera 6, hemiptera 25, hymenoptera 40, butterflies 21, moths 169, coleopteran 26, diptera 48, insects (RSO) 3, mollusc 19, spiders 14, crustacean 6, annelids 5, plants 278, bryrophytes 17, fungi 26 & lichens 28.

Eype is going much slower mostly due to the fact I have not made nearly as many visits as I had initially planned. Eype currently on 665.


  1. I'm getting ready to welcome you into the 1K Club, buddy! :)

  2. Thanks Seth. However still quite a bit to do. Depending on how many I can get in August I might still need a very good fungus season (if it rains!) to drag me over the line.

  3. I guess you've got a moth trap there Pete, with 169 moths on your list. Could you run it a few more times?

    1. No that's the amazing thing. I have seen more moths at Thorne - by checking security lights and catching any moths disturbed during the day while weeding etc - than I have at Eype where I am running a trap!

  4. 800 is pretty good going for mid August. Well on track. No need to worry about the rain ...