Thursday, August 2, 2018

Dalgety Bay - autumnal air

Well shortly I shall be off to a village in the Danube delta to the birthplace of my beloved, where we shall pick fruit and veg from the garden, eggs from the chickens and honey from the bees, all the while watching the skies for migrating cranes, storks and raptors to the sound of bee-eaters on the washing lines. It will be so hard! (to come back ...)

Anyway, very quickly a chance to sprinkle a few more individuals onto the pile. Autumn is in full swing with grey skies and a bay full of returning waders - Turnstones looking very dapper still. The annual arrival of female Goosanders hit the bay too so those were nice to see this morning. Only one more bird species and I'll reach last year's properly poor tally of 90 before vismig really gets underway (still no Sand Martins or Tree Pips).

I expect by the time I get back we'll be in full "fungus and flies" swing with time for little else. I did manage to add a beetle or two though, which has been a pretty scarce occurrence this year.

Goosanders. Honest, guv.

Am I weevil? Yes I am

1115 coleoptera Serica brunnea Brown Chafer
1116 lep-moth Crocallis elinguaria Scalloped Oak
1117 diptera Lydella stabulans A tachinid fly
1118 hymenoptera Ancistrocerus gazella A wasp
1119 lep-moth Blastobasis lacticolella A micromoth
1120 lep-moth Perizoma alchemillata Small Rivulet
1121 lep-moth Amphipyra pyramidea Copper underwing
1122 lep-moth Ypsolopha sequella  A micromoth
1123 lep-moth Ypsolopha dentella Honeysuckle Moth
1124 flowering plant Fragaria vesca Wild Strawberry
1125 cnidarian Cyanea capillata Lion's Mane Jellyfish
1126 coleoptera Rhinoncus pericarpius  A polygonaceae weevil
1127 diptera Tipula paludosa Tipuloidea
1128 bird Mergus merganser Goosander

And a holiday-related tune which I can't get out of my head

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