Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Summer not over yet...

Felt a bit autumnal last week, with some very welcome rain, but a bit of summer again today, with a Dark Green Fritillary and second-brood Swallowtail in the garden this afternoon. A juvenile Turtle Dove was a welcome sight last week, plus lots of new insects for the year. It's turning into a good year for moths, with several species I'd not expected, the lastest being Tawny Wave, a RDB species normally found in the Brecks, this one could well have been an immigrant. A Convolvulus Hawk Moth was rather more expected but always good to see. The overall garden list now stands at 2027 species, with 1390 so far this year.

Hymenoptera have been a bit of a feature this year, partly because I've been looking for them, but some nice records in a total of 124 species, with 101 just from the garden.

Dark Green Fritillary

Convolvulus Hawk Moth
Tawny Wave

Turtle Dove juvenile

1661 Chromatomyia atricornis Diptera Leafmine on Artemesia vulgaris
1662 Blondelia nigripes Diptera Tachinidae
1663 Musca domestica Diptera Muscidae: Musca
1664 Protocalliphora azurea Diptera Calliphoridae
1665 Chrysops relictus Diptera Twin-lobed Deerfly
1666 Lissotriton vulgaris Amphibians Smooth Newt
1667 Tinea pellionella Lepidoptera:moths Case-bearing Clothes Moth
1668 Typhlocyba quercus Hemipteroids Cicadellidae
1669 Gasteruption assectator Hymenoptera Gasteruptiidae
1670 Caliroa cerasi Hymenoptera Symphyta: Pear Slug Sawfly
1671 Gasteruption jaculator Hymenoptera Gasteruptiidae
1672 Ammophila sabulosa Hymenoptera Red Banded Sand Wasp
1673 Chorthippus brunneus Orthopteroids Field Grasshopper
1674 Solidago gigantea Vascular Plants Early Goldenrod
1675 Arge berberidis Hymenoptera Symphyta: Berberis Sawfly
1676 Pyrausta aurata Lepidoptera:moths Small Purple and Gold
1677 Cryphia algae Lepidoptera:moths Tree-lichen Beauty
1678 Tinea trinotella Lepidoptera:moths Bird's-nest Moth
1679 Thalpophila matura Lepidoptera:moths Straw Underwing
1680 Acleris forsskaleana Lepidoptera:moths Maple Button
1681 Acleris cristana Lepidoptera:moths Tufted Button
1682 Ypsolopha scabrella Lepidoptera:moths Wainscot Smudge
1683 Pandemis corylana Lepidoptera:moths Chequered Fruit-tree Tortrix
1684 Acleris comariana Lepidoptera:moths Strawberry Tortrix
1685 Agrotis clavis Lepidoptera:moths Heart and Club
1686 Epinotia nisella Lepidoptera:moths Grey Poplar Bell
1687 Aethes beatricella Lepidoptera:moths Hemlock Yellow Conch
1688 Streptopelia turtur Birds Turtle Dove
1689 Tachina fera Diptera Tachinidae
1690 Eupterycyba jucunda Hemipteroids Cicadellidae
1691 Physiphora alceae Diptera Ulidiidae
1692 Phyllonorycter corylifoliella Lepidoptera:moths Leaf mine on Hawthorn
1693 Emmetia marginea Lepidoptera:moths Bordered Carl
1694 Agriphila tristella Lepidoptera:moths Common Grass-veneer
1695 Acleris rhombana Lepidoptera:moths Rhomboid Tortrix
1696 Mompha propinquella Lepidoptera:moths Marbled Mompha
1697 Choreutis pariana Lepidoptera:moths Apple-leaf Skeletonizer
1698 Pelurga comitata Lepidoptera:moths Dark Spinach
1699 Limnaecia phragmitella Lepidoptera:moths Bulrush Cosmet
1700 Eupithecia nanata Lepidoptera:moths Narrow-winged Pug
1701 Bledius bicornis Coleoptera Staphylinidae
1702 Linaria purpurea Vascular Plants Purple Toadflax
1703 Spaziphora hydromyzina Diptera Scathophagidae
1704 Archanara geminipuncta Lepidoptera:moths Twin-spotted Wainscot
1705 Acleris holmiana Lepidoptera:moths White-triangle Button
1706 Sphecodes monilicornis Hymenoptera Box-headed Blood Bee
1707 Camptogramma bilineata Lepidoptera:moths Yellow Shell
1708 Longitarsus rubiginosus Coleoptera Chrysomelidae
1709 Pyrrhalta viburni Coleoptera Viburnam Beetle
1710 Protapion fulvipes Coleoptera Apionidae
1711 Araneus marmoreus Arachnids Araneae
1712 Anthocoris simulans Hemipteroids Anthocoridae
1713 Sphecodes niger Hymenoptera Dark Blood Bee
1714 Catocala nupta Lepidoptera:moths Red Underwing
1715 Scopula rubiginata Lepidoptera:moths Tawny Wave
1716 Nomophila noctuella Lepidoptera:moths Rush Veneer
1717 Geometra papilionaria Lepidoptera:moths Large Emerald
1718 Xestia sexstrigata Lepidoptera:moths Six-striped Rustic
1719 Ennomos fuscantaria Lepidoptera:moths Dusky Thorn
1720 Phyllonorycter messaniella Lepidoptera:moths Garden Midget
1721 Lepisma saccharina RSO Silverfish
1722 Calybites phasianipennella Lepidoptera:moths Little Slnder
1723 Heterogaster urticae Hemipteroids Nettle Groundbug
1724 Deraeocoris ruber Hemipteroids Mirid Bug
1725 Azelia cilipes Diptera Muscidae
1726 Luperina testacea Lepidoptera:moths Flounced Rustic
1727 Ancistrocerus parietum Hymenoptera Wall Mason Wasp
1728 Mormo maura Lepidoptera:moths Old Lady
1729 Agrotis vestigialis Lepidoptera:moths Archer's Dart
1730 Agrius convolvuli Lepidoptera:moths Convolvulus Hawk-moth
1731 Ledra aurita Hemipteroids Cicadellidae
1732 Phyllotreta nigripes Coleoptera Chrysomelidae
1733 Euides speciosa Hemipteroids Delphacidae (Planthopper)
1734 Paralimnus phragmitis Hemipteroids Cicadellidae
1735 Peltodytes caesus Coleoptera Haliplidae
1736 Holocentropus picicornis RSO Caddis Fly
1737 Episyron rufipes Hymenoptera Pompilidae
1738 Psallus falleni Hemipteroids Miridae
1739 Hylaeus communis Hymenoptera Common Yellow-face Bee
1740 Netelia melanura Hymenoptera Ichneumonidae
1741 Phytocoris populi Hemipteroids Miridae
1742 Drosophila hydei Diptera Drosophilidae
1743 Agonopterix subpropinquella Lepidoptera:moths Ruddy Flat-body
1744 Hordeum distichon Vascular Plants Two-rowed Barley
1745 Terellia serratulae Diptera Tephriditae
1746 Linnaemya picta Diptera Tachinidae
1747 Ectemnius lituratus Hymenoptera Crabronidae
1748 Cheilosia impressa Diptera Syrphidae
1749 Oncopsis flavicollis Hemipteroids Cicadellidae
1750 Macaria liturata Lepidoptera:moths Tawny-barred Angle
1751 Celypha rosaceana Lepidoptera:moths Roseate Marble
1752 Tholera cespitis Lepidoptera:moths Hedge Rustic
1753 Cryphia domestica Lepidoptera:moths Marbled Beauty
1754 Phanacis hypochoeridis Hymenoptera Cynipidae- Stem gall on Cat's Ear
1755 Xestia xanthographa Lepidoptera:moths Square-spot Rustic
1756 Philonthus quisquiliarius Coleoptera Staphylinidae
1757 Ribautiana ulmi Hemipteroids Cicadellidae
1758 Claviceps purpurea Fungi Ergot
1759 Lestiphorus bicinctus Hymenoptera Crabronidae
1760 Gastrophysa polygoni Coleoptera Chrysomelidae
1761 Phylidorea ferruginea Diptera Crane Fly
1762 Corizus hyoscyami Hemipteroids Rhopalidae
1763 Dexiosoma caninum Diptera Tachinidae
1764 Argynnis aglaja Lepidoptera:butterflies Dark Green Fritillary

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