Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hinderclay, West Suffolk

My chosen patch is Hinderclay, or a part of it, which lies within TM0276.  It is my home village and in February I will have lived there 3 years.  I have been getting to grips with the birds in the area but this challenge will allow me to find out what else is around.

The square is made up of about 40-45% homes with gardens so there are only a few of those I will have access to. The churchyard is within the boundary so I hope to spend some time there. The remainder is farmland with a few tracks and a section of stream. I do not have permission to go on this land yet but there is a small pond that might be worth a visit.

I do not moth trap but might give it a go. I am not expecting a huge score but wait with interest to see what I can tease out of the square.

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