Monday, December 24, 2012


My home square is almost completely urban so I would be restricted to my back yard (calling it a garden would be an exaggeration). Not only would this make it impossible to reach 1000 species, more importantly it would make it impossible for me to get motivated!

I am therefore plumping for the square in which my office is located. This includes part of Queen Elizabeth Country Park run by Hampshire County Council.

To the east of the dual carriageway is mainly beech plantation but with a remnant bit of disturbed chalk grassland near the road. To the west is a fairly large amount of neglected chalk grassland, together with yew woodland (which no doubt will be really interesting!!), improved pasture, a block of clear-felled conifer plantation and a bit of arable in the south-west corner.

Looking forward to getting started.


  1. Hope your calves are up to it...some serious contour line action going on there!!! :D

  2. He's young and fit....... :)
    Might give him an incentive to give up smoking :)