Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Am I weevil? Yes I am

Dalgety Bay, NT1582

First weevil of the year was beaten from gorse on the 22nd and appeared to be a Sitona. It did key out as that in the Broad-nosed Weevils book but when cross checking Duff I see it has moved out and become an Andrion with its own key exit in the Sitonininini genus key. Andrion regensteinense to be precise. It has a peculiar (for Sitoninini) way of the front of the abdomen meeting the back of the thorax as both dip down to form a "V".

Other notable features are the long, inflated front femorae and the upright setae on the elytrae.

Like other family members it has even more picky food preferences than my 4-year old. It likes a bit of gorse.