Friday, January 20, 2017

NT1582: All stars, no stripes

A very nice find this morning was Collared Earthstar (Geastrum triplex). I found them on a nearby square at the end of last year but these are the first I've found in The Square.

Also confirmed this morning was my record from the 7th of Amandinea lecideina. I was pretty confident but it's nice to have a grown up give it the thumbs up.

Other than that some odds and sods saw the total creep over 150.

Category Jan-20
annelid 1
bird 30
bryozoan 2
centipede 2
chromist 6
cnidarian 1
coleoptera 1
collembola 2
conifer 1
crustacean 6
dermaptera 1
diptera 1
fern 2
flowering plant 26
fungus 21
hymenoptera 1
lepidoptera 0
lichen 30
liverwort 1
mammal 1
mollusc 5
moss 7
spider 3


  1. I see via the PSL website that your Algae lifelist has gone up. I await your next update... :)

    1. Nothing exciting. My earlier list was made up from a bioblitz where I saw a few nice things. I'm just catching up with common tideline ones now!